Trine Juel interview for ghd hair blog.

Trine Juel ghd hairtrine juel - ghd hair

I got interviewed to the danish ghd hair last fall. I was visiting to show some hairstyles & try the new hair tools & I must say Im in love.

The ghd curve® soft curl tong 32mm., ghd curve® classic curl tong 26mm. & there new ghd PLATINUM® Styler is now always with me on jobs!

In the interview you can learn more about me, Paris, weddings & about following a dream. I translated the interview to english here, or you can read it in danish here.


How did your dream of working in the beauty industry start?

The dream has always been there. In 2011 I decided to follow my dream an went to London to take the education as a professional hair- & makeup artist. And that was the best thing I have done for my self in a long time.

3 words that Describes you?

Caring, curious & teachable.

WHere do you find your beauty inspiration?

From colleagues, Instagram, Magazines, people on the street & friends.

What is you most delaying tactics?

That can be all from “I’m just gonna bake a cake”, “I have to do my nails” or “I could also read in this magazine first” – don’t we all have it like that some times? 😉

what EXperience do you dream OF, in your career?

To be number one wedding hair & makeup artist – I love weddings! Its just magic. And I would love to make a cover on a big magazine.  And just to get a lot of experience, there is so many talented people in the industry which I have a lot of respect for.

Who is you beauty hero?

I like the british makeup artist Lisa Eldridge – her style is just so soft and pretty. And I love her makeup tutorials. Go check them out here – you can learn a lot!

Your best hair tip?

Wash your hair once or twice a week, get a haircut by a talented hairdresser & use good hair tools which is not breaking your hair – thats why I love ghd!

What is your “Go-TO Beauty look” for a date or a party?

Dark red lips, big curls & a smile on your lips 🙂

Did you have a “creazy” hair period ?

I was once a hair model for a “Very talented hairdresser from Copenhagen” She made my hair short, curly & Orange! Oh god is was terrible, could you imagine? And at the age of 5-6, i had a pot haircut – and yes I did chose it myself 😉 haha

When was the last time you had a “wauw” moment?

When I get to meet one of the most talented hairstylist in Paris Oliver LeBrun a got a chance to work for him. You can also find him on Instagram


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