Im showing you this picture of me without and with makeup – to show the magic of makeup and to show that I’m not perfect! I’ve had a period with breakouts, nut not so bad as it has been – thank god for that!. If you have followed my Instagram for a long time, you have seen pictures of how bad my skin has been. Otherwise you can see it here .

My skin reacts on chances and how I feel, even if it is good chances. And my skin also needed a peeling by a professional dermatologist. I go to ‘Klinik Image‘ in my hometown Esbjerg. It is important to help the skin to get rid of all the impurities that is under the skin, otherwise it will come out as a pimple. And NO you can not press and tortur your skin by your selfs! 😉 – It will make scares!

There is no correct answer to get rid of bad skin, because we are all different. But here is things you can try and figure out what works for you:

  • Rinse you makeup of every night – and even if you didn’t have any makeup on.
  • Do not press your pimples, it only makes it worse and leve a scare on your skin.
  • Do not touch your skin – think how many bacteria you have on your hands.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Drink less alcohol.
  • Don’t stress and find what feels good in life.
  • Get a peeling by a professional dermatologist – I do it every 6 month.
  • Figure out the best skincare rutine for you – and don’t clean your skin to much it can actually make your skin worse.


Many of you aske me how I cover my spots and make my skin look natural and fresh. I make sure to stand in a natural daylight when I do my makeup – so it looks natural when I go out in the daylight! Here is the product I use on my skin at the moment:

  1. DayCream: Kielh’s – Ultra facial cream
  2. Primer: MAC – Natural Radiance
  3. Foundation: MAC – Studio Sculpt
  4. Concealer: MAC – Pro Longwear Concealer
  5. Powder: MAC – Matte Bronze
  6. Blush: MAC – Melba 
  7. Highlight: Laura Mercier – Candleglow Luminizing Palette

I always have my concealer with my (and a mirror) so I can touch up doing the day!

I hope this was helpfull otherwise fell free to leave a message or a comment.

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